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Blood Covenant

The meeting with God and his people at Sinai after they left Egypt was unique in so many ways. God’s people actually agreed to obey their God. They sealed the covenant with blood. God was good with this, and showed that he was good with this by enjoying a fellowship meal with the leaders of his people.

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Shepherd School

The job of a shepherd can be a challenge because sheep aren’t the brightest animals. Jesus our Good Shepherd knows where we are weak and when we get ourselves into trouble. No matter what is going on he will never leave us. Watch as we learn from the Good Shepherd in the Gospel of Mark.

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Amos the Prophet

No one ever asks a prophet for their opinion. The whole purpose of the prophet was to speak on behalf of God. It is God’s Word that is important. So as long as that is what the prophet speaks, everyone is happy. That’s not entirely true. This Sunday join us as we see some of the intense pressure put on prophets then and now to be silent and not speak for God. Jesus promises that not everyone will be happy.

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Thorn in the Flesh

Familiarity breads contempt. I didn’t make that up – it is an observed rule. Why is it that we always long for the new and different? How sad that this view is in God’s church! Do we despise the faith that we have known from birth because… it’s old to us? May the Spirit guard our hearts from cobwebs of boredom and doubt.

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Master of Disaster

Where will you go when the storms of life come crashing down on your head? That was the question that the disciples found themselves facing. The answer should have been obvious – Jesus! He is the one who can calm any of life’s storms. Are you worried? Are you in a storm? Come and find peace in the middle of your storm as we worship our God.

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